These photographs accompany an article by Ros Anderson in todays Guardian Weekend. It was such a interesting job.  The Excalibur Estate in Catford is due to be demolished and the first phase of house clearances has already begun. Sadly for lots of residents a vote went very marginally in favour of moving.

Below is Eddie O'Mahoney, the estates oldest resident who moved in in 1946. Everyone we spoke to was great but it was especially hard to tear ourselves away from Eddie's immaculate lounge. A WW11 veteran who described being in a Japanese Prisoner of war camp as, "not as bad as it sounds". Eddie doesn't want to go anywhere and who can blame him at 92 and after more than 60 years.

Floating Boaters

These portraits were published in the Independent magazine a few Saturdays ago. The article was about the community of canal boat owners living in Hackney and the areas surrounding the Olympic Park who were being moved on to "tidy up" the area for the duration of the games. Why canal boats are considered untidy is anyone's guess. At the time of publication the situation remained unresolved.

Crystal Palace Pool

I think Crystal Palace Pool might be my favourite place in London. Despite being in zone 43 and not particularly easy to get to I love going there. I'm sure lots of people hate the building, its very brutal and unforgiving but I love it with its wooden floors and huge concrete girders and massive windows letting the light stream in.

 If the building and 50m pool wasn't reason enough to go the Brazilian Olympic swimming team are using the pool for practice at the moment. They're swishing about, arriving in blacked out vans like the good people of Penge have a clue who they are. I keep hoping a member of staff might mistake me for a lost Brazilian but sadly not yet.

Mary Berry Book

For the first time an image of mine is being used for a book cover. Very exciting. I loved photographing Mary Berry. She's great, absolutely no nonsense but warm. I remember asking her what her husband thought of her success and she replied, "oh he's not interested dear, as long as his suppers ready on time". Brilliant!