Leaving London for a National Trust job is always a treat but going to Saltram near Plymouth in Devon was especially appealing. The sea! The rolling countryside! The house is perched high on a hill with lovely views of the river Plym and beautiful grounds. The interior is interesting too, full of Chinese wallpaper and curios found on the family's travels. 

As with most jobs though its the people you remember. First we had the little twins and their family who patiently let us follow them around and encourage (force) them to dress up, use binoculars, have cookery lessons. Then there were the celebs. The original women from Gareth Malone's Military Wives Choir kindly lent us their children. My mother wouldn't have been able to contain herself. Last but not least were Plymouth's finest taxi drivers who ferried me about. All of whom were ex-Navy, covered in tattoos and had unbelievably strong Devonian accents. I was sorry to leave.