Granville Park

Granville Park was a huge, 18-month-long project for the interior designers 2 Lovely Gays. What was once four flats is now a beautiful four bedroom house. And what a house! I love it. It's elegant and stylish and at the same time, a fun and playful home for a young family.

dining room

In all of the 2 Lovely Gays' projects they champion their favourite independent artists and craftsmen. The artwork in the photo behind them is by the brilliant Forest Hill based artist and illustrator Supermundane. The wonderful bright fabric of the cushions in the lounge and master bedroom is by textile designer Amelia Graham and the frankly awesome murals in the kid's bedrooms are Giles and Cecilie.

kids room 1
kids room 2

Jackdaw via erm, Via

Jackdaw Studio are an interior design studio who specialise in designing environments for creative people. They've worked for the likes of MTV and international Ad agency Wieden and Kennedy but this was their first venture into the world of Youth Hostels. Thanks to Jackdaw and Via things have changed since I was last in a hostel. For one thing there are far less bongos and dreadlocked young men from Surrey.

Just look at this latest project in Lewisham. So bold and imaginative. Check out this wonderful dining room constructed without touching any of the lovely cornicing...

They've managed to keep all the beautiful original features in tact by building structures within the rooms that function brilliantly as well as looking great. Clever!

And the disco Reception area built within the grand old entrance hall...

If you've got friends who need a place to stay in the South East London area they should definitely check out Via Lewisham!


Earlier on this year my friend Joel rang me up saying he's got some work for me to photograph. Even though he'd explained what they were I wasn't expecting them to be so big or so beautiful. They're huge hand carved wooden sculptures/ urns/ tbc. We photographed them at my flat first, all of which are on Joel's site and then a couple of weeks ago I went to Dorset where Joel lives and works to take some pictures there. Aren't they lovely? Now I just need a grand piano, sweeping staircase to put one on/ under!

Zero Dorset web-091.jpg
Zero Dorset web-044.jpg
Zero Dorset web-134.jpg
Zero Dorset web-043.jpg
Zero Dorset web-037.jpg
Zero Dorset web-060.jpg
Zero Dorset web-054.jpg
Zero Dorset web-149.jpg
Zero Dorset web-095.jpg